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  • Sustainable Global Bank of the year named by Financial Times for its commitment to education and communities About the group The first bank in the euro zone, a hundred million customers, more than three million shareholders and the largest branch network in international banking.
  •  Financial Services Products and services adapted to the needs of its customers. We make full use of our global experience but we consider the local characteristics
  • Scholarships Santander Universidades, More than 31.712 scolarships, grants and professional internships. Sustainability Higher education, social and cultural action and environment are the pillars of the Sustainability
  •  Shareholders All SAN share information. Shareholders can consult dividends, shareholder information, share capital and other contents.
  •  Press Room A multimedia space to find the last corporate news of Grupo Santander
  •  Investor Relations All the financial documents. Reports, material facts, issues, ratings, corporate governance, analysts, conferences and strategic agreements...
  •  Work with us Imagine being able to work or to continue learning in a leader company. In Santander you can. You can be Santander

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