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Be recognized for supporting people? Let's see an example of how you can achieve it! (Disponible solo en inglés)

Juan Darío is a director in Product Engineering in Mexico. Let’s hear what he has to say about Santander and why we need people who are not afraid to be who they are.

Your name: Juan Darío Hernández Hernández
Your current role and division: Deputy Director of Product Engineering, Means of Payment, Mexico
With Santander since: July/2007

Why do you consider Santander a great place to work?
Because I feel I make a change with my work, I help people and I feel an important part of Santander, contributing daily way with my work to make things happen.

Tell us how you have an impact on our customers #TheSantanderEffect
A high impact since my work contributed greatly to the technological part of media of payment to start up new payment technologies, besides contributing my knowledge in other processes for the team to resolve their issues, support for internal customers and sometimes external customers always looking for their satisfaction without leaving the policies established by Santander.

What was your most important development moment/learning?
I was 7 years as a manager, 2 years ago I had the opportunity to promote to assistant director that was a great achievement. Also traveling for part of the job, I have known people from many countries as well as cities abroad of the technological evolution of Santander since what we are implementing in the last year, it's something I first met 8 years ago on a trip to a technology fair.

How would you describe our digital and cultural transformation?
I take care of many things, my colleagues say that I know everything (hahaha) I have chip certification and implementation of the same with the bank's personalizer and the card providers, support for the means of payment equipment, the Wallet, I have notification projects that are being implemented to improve the Transactionality, I attend topics of authorities of the association of banks (ABM),I work with the direction and presidency of the bank, I work in conjunction with the brands VISA, MC and Amex in the part of payments, support to the product area with definitions for processes, implement Samsung Pay for Visa. What I like most would be difficult to choose because I love my work even when on many occasions it becomes very demanding but I would definitely choose the part of digital payments and wallet, has been a new experience the way of working with them and as I have contributed, I also learned a lot.

What to do to prosper in Santander
Doing things well and being consistent, that has worked in my case and always be willing to support, I have been told that that is part of what makes me important, I always have a willingness to help.



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