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Financial Education

Committed to Financial Education

Financial education has become indispensable in society today. As financial processes become more complex, there is a greater need for education to help citizens increase their level of financial knowledge, make economic concepts easier to understand, help with decision making, protect the most vulnerable groups, foster transparency and trust, and promote ethics, values and social responsibility in business.

Santander Bank is committed to these ideas. It supports this project, which takes the importance of financial training as one of its key focus areas, and is involved in the programmes delivered by prestigious international institutions on this subject. The aim is to drive the development of the various financial education initiatives that already exist and give them a global dimension.

The project aspires to be an interactive, diverse and plural space for creation and reflection, and supports training, the sharing of knowledge, dissemination of values, face-to-face activities and the promotion of digital strategies.

It is aimed at a wide group of economic and social actors who have to deal with financial transactions, including shareholders, customers, savers, investors, students, volunteering activity leaders, employees, etc.