Promoting the Spanish language

Banco Santander supports the teaching of the Spanish language through training programmes for lecturers and teaching staff in various countries.

Furthermore, the "Vale Project" has been developed in collaboration with the University of São Paulo (USP) and Cervantes Institute and is addressed to Brazilian students, and the "Hablar! Project".

Banco Santander is also sponsoring the preparation for the Corpus del Español del Siglo XXI [Spanish Corpus for the 21st Century], a project organised by the Spanish Royal Academy [RAE] in collaboration with the 21 institutions that form the Association of Spanish Language Academies. The bank also supports initiatives organised by Campus Comillas Foundation for the diffusion of the Spanish language. In addition, support was given to the 23rd edition of the DRAE (Dictionary of the Spanish Language).

In the US, the Conference of Spanish University Rectors (CRUE) and Banco Santander have signed an agreement with the biggest university system in the United States, SUNY, focused on supporting Spanish Language training amongst American professors, who will be able to go on trips to stay in Spain and Mexico, as well as undertaking research in the areas of Health, and student exchange programmes with Brazil.

In Russia, the Bank promotes the Spanish language in the Higher School of Economics, MGIMO (training, conferences, competitions, etc.), Novosibirsk (Hispanic Centre) and the Federal University of Siberia (dissemination of results of scientific cooperation in Hispanic studies). And, in Singapore, Spanish courses are on offer at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Support is also given to the Corpus of the Spanish Language XXI Century (CORPRES XXI), which aims to bring together 300 million expressions and words that are commonly used in the language by its 450 million speakers.