Student Smart Card

Almost 9,1 million university students in Spain, Portugal and Latin America are currently using a card developed by the bank in collaboration with more than 279 universities. It can be used as personal identification and offers services such:

  • University card.
  • University self-service. It can be used through different channels (ATMs, terminals installed on campus, online, etc.).
  • Control of access to certain campus facilities and computers.
  • Management of library loans.
  • Discounts in shops.
  • Electronic wallet, for payments on campus and on public transport.
  • Loan of public bicycles.
  • Debit card (optional) for those TUI holders who may be interested.
  • APP TUI for Android and iPhone.
  • Development of a wearables pilot (smartwatch and wristbands).

The USC International Observatory, which provides smart card-based electronic administration solutions.