"Santander International Summer School" in Santiago de Chile (Disponible solo en inglÚs)

  •  Meeting of young researchers in Santiago de Chile which is supported by Santander  Universitäten.

Germany, 20th November 2014-. From 17th to 28th of November 2014 the Santander International Summer School from the University Heidelberg, which is supported through the global division Santander Universidades, takes place. The event is called: “Reaching the limits of the sky: Astronomical Instrumentation in the 21st Century” and is aligned at the Heidelberg Center Latin America in Santiago de Chile.

Santander supports the Summer School at the University of Heidelberg through the global division Santander Universidades (www.santander.com/universities), in Germany called Santander Universitäten.

Within the cooperation between Santander and the University of Heidelberg the university gets subsidies to organize international summer and winter schools with participants from Latin America, Asia and Europe. Both the summer and the winter schools support the mobility of young researchers at a high rate. They constitute a scientific bridge for the junior researchers and so serve  the expansion of excellent researcher networks. In the context of the international engagement of Santander Universidades the internationalization of universities  and the international exchange of science and teachings is a central concern. 

During the “Santander International Summer School“ in Santiago de Chile 20 doctoral students from Belgium, Chile, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain will have the possibility to deal with current research questions on the subject of astronomy and to learn from prestigious researchers from different European and  Latin American  universities. The central aspects of the event are new methods and technologies which improve the capabilities of modern telescopes. 

Santander supports the scholarships in Germany in the name of Santander Universitäten, part of the Global division Santander Universidades of Banco Santander. In the context of social engagement Santander meanwhile supports partnerships with more than 1,100 Universities and research centers worldwide. The Santander Consumer Bank supports in Germany under the brand Santander Universitäten inter alia the allocation of „Deutschlandstipendien“.

Santander Universitäten has been the focus of the bank's social action with an investment of more than 1 billion euros in different initiatives and university projects. For more information please visit www.santander.com/universities and information about Santander Universitäten Germany please visit www.santanderbank.de/universitaeten.

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