President of Kaiserslautern University Prof. Helmut Schmidt voted "Rector/President of the Year" (Disponible solo en inglÚs)

  • Santander has supported universities for over 17 years.

Mönchengladbach, 24th March 2015 – Professor Dr. Helmut J. Schmidt, president of Technical University Kaiserslautern, has been awarded “Rektor/President of the year” by the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers Confederation (Ditcher Hochschulverband – DHV). The prize, which was donated by “Santander Universitäten” for the second time, was presented within the context of the “Gala of German Sciences” by the DHV in Mainz on March 23rd.

Endowed with 10.000 Euro, the prize was handed over by nobel prize winner in chemistry 2014, Professor Dr. Stefan Hell. Dr. Arnd Verleger, Board Member Santander Consumer Bank, was one of the first persons who congratulated the winner. For more than 17 years Santander Universitäten had supported universities, said Dr. Verleger in his short laudation. “But I am particularly pleased to honor and support specifically the work of the rektors or presidents”, he underlined.

With the award “rector/president of the year” the DHV prizes an ideal administration. The prize winner has been determined on the basis of an online survey among the 28.500 members of the confederation with a grade of 1.56. Professor Schmidt plans to use the prize money for the expansion of the guest house area of Villa Denis, a conference and intercultural meeting place of Technical University Kaiserslautern.

The 60-year-old zoologist is known as president “without faculty glasses” who takes serious teachers and learners likewise and who can consequently be seen as godsend. Prof. Schmidt to his administration: “I like the diversity and I believe that good concepts will establish themselves in the long run. The best ideas will remain, just like in the evolution.”

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