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At Santander we’re big on purpose and our purpose is all about helping people to prosper. What does that mean? We asked our customers and they told us it’s about having the ideas to move forward. That’s why we’re building a community to help us transform and do just that. To be more than just a bank. 


Creative, curious, and fun

In Marketing it’s our job to be creative and explore the boundaries of what’s possible to help us emotionally connect with our customers. But to make our ideas reality we need to not just be passionate about them but be open minded and collaborate to make change happen. 

Facing into the digital challenges 

Digital technology isn’t only transforming the world of banking but also the world of marketing. This means we need to embrace new ways to engage our customers and measure the impact of our work. The fight for attention is ever greater and so in marketing we need to constantly find smarter and new ways to grab attention, be recognised and engage our customers in a meaningful way. 

Being advocates for the customer

Having engaging advertising, sponsorship and events doesn’t make a difference unless we have the products and experiences to back them up. Therefore, the number one thing we do is to be the voice of the customer in the business. That way we can get useful products and experiences into the lives of our customers.



Speak up for communications 

At Santander we’re big news. We’ve got lots of great stories to tell and we want to share them with a diverse audience. 

Whether it’s breaking news to the media, reaching out to business and political stakeholders, leading the conversation with more than 20,000 UK colleagues, or helping connect with our customers and charity partners, we aim to project the authentic voice of Santander.

It’s a great opportunity to work proactively at the heart of our business to help build and protect our reputation. 

We offer a unique and fun environment for creative and resourceful communication professionals to make a positive impact on our organisation and the communities we serve.