Fundación Alternativas
“Gestión híbrida de la vivienda social en España. Hacia modelos colaborativos de provisión pública al margen del lucro”

Affordable housing and the financial sector in Spain

Fundación Alternativas released a report entitled “Mixed management of affordable housing in Spain: Towards collaborative models of not for profit public housing”. It highlights that:

  • Spain’s supply of public rental housing does not meet current demand. 
  • Direct rental support is needed given the scarcity of affordable rental housing. However in times of crisis, government aid is reduced, leaving the population vulnerable.
  • A greater supply of affordable housing would help moderate private rental market prices, based on the experience of other European countries.
  • The “Dutch model” provides a role for non-profit social organizations in the provision of affordable housing. Over the years, it has strengthened the affordable housing sector, now one of the strongest in Europe. “Housing Associations” have been the key to this strength. 
  • Housing policy should be reoriented towards the search for alternative solutions based on collaboration between the public and private actors and non-profit organizations. 

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