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In its latest Global Financial Stability update the IMF alerts that “The bullish mood among investors is predicated on strong policy support amid huge uncertainties about the extent and speed of the economic recovery”

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Global Financial Stability Report Update: Financial Conditions Have Eased, but Insolvencies Loom Large

The European Commission´s Economic Recovery Plan "is a great opportunity to undertake a real structural transformation of countries like Spain" according to @EnriqueFeas, senior research associate at the Real Instituto Elcano.

Real Instituto Elcano
Las cifras del Plan de Recuperación para Europa
Enrique Feás

The state guarantee lines approved in Spain are meant to have had an estimated direct impact of 3.2% of GDP and 663,000 jobs, according to Juan Carlos Collado and Mª Teresa Rodriguez analysis in collaboration with the IEE.

Instituto de Estudios Económicos (IEE)
Impacto económico de las medidas adoptadas en el contexto de la presente crisis

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