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Jorge Núñez Ferrer and Tomás Ruiz de la Ossa researchers at @CEPS: the EU’s responses to crises have been relatively slow, and its decision-making, monitoring and control systems seem to be unable to offer support at the speed required.

European Court of Auditors Journal
Substitution effects, delays, constraints and administrative capacity risk considerably reducing actual investments under cohesion policy and NGEU/RRF
Jorge Nuñez Torres and Tomás Ruiz de la Ossa

According to @socialfedea, the financial sector can play a key role to boost the recovery plan, taking advantage of its knowledge, its extensive customer base, the capillarity of its networks and its ability to advise and provide complementary financing.

El Mecanismo de Recuperación y Resiliencia en España: balance provisional y propuestas de mejora

@ Ramón Casilda IEEE " Spain must position itself as a strategic hub for Latin American companies and investments in Europe, and for Europe in Latin America, becoming an important 'geostrategic' resource for the European Union.".

Instituto Español de Estudios Estratégicos, IEEE
Inversiones y empresas españolas en América Latina. Nueva política económica internacional de España hacia América Latina para el siglo XXI

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