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Frans Timmermans

The future of the EU through green policies

Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission and responsible for the European Green Deal published this article in the magazine "Política Exterior" on the future of the European economy and politics after the pandemic and on the importance that the climate agenda will have on both.

Frans Timmermans considers the crisis caused by the pandemic is an opportunity to look to the future and make decisions that ensure a more resilient society in the face of the next crisis "whether it be economic, ecological or health".

In his opinion, "climate change and loss of biodiversity have understandably fallen on the priority list for many citizens who fear for their jobs, but remain very real threats." The costs of doing nothing and continuing to act as before the pandemic are too high: "600 billion euros according to recent studies".

Frans Timmermans attaches great importance to the European economic recovery plan due to the covid-19 crisis and to the fact that it has the European Green Deal (and the digital transition) as one of the central pillars. In this regard, the proposal for a European Climate Law, which will establish the objective of climate neutrality by 2050, will be a binding instrument for the member states of vital importance.

He also notes that in order to successfully carry out this economic transition, it will be necessary to ensure a transition with criteria of social justice, especially in those sectors and citizens who face greater difficulties in adapting to a zero-emission future.

Finally, the author calls for cooperation and solidarity between countries, as the only way to achieve a better future will be "working together at all levels: local, national and international".

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