Fundación Alternativas
US trends that matter for Europe 2022 Report

US policy impact on the European Union

Report published by Fundación Alternativas analyzing the main political trends in the United States whose evolution is relevant for the European Union, with a special focus on Joe Biden's social and fiscal program which is largely blocked amid the change brought by the war in Ukraine and high inflation.

The report identifies six relevant trends for Europe in the first term of Biden's term:

  1. The persistence of a strong social and political polarization that generates serious dysfunctions and a scenario of great uncertainty.
  2. It remains the attempt to combat inequality by the Biden Administration and the Democrats through domestic and international tax reform aimed at large fortunes and large companies.
  3. However, a certain slowdown in the momentum of this fiscal reform in the US and globally, due to internal pressures –among others, inflation- and a change in the international situation due to the war in Ukraine.
  4. Simultaneous advances in the US and the EU for the financing and regulation of the digital economy and technology, and the digitization process.
  5. The Green Deal on both sides of the Atlantic has in common that it recognizes that transforming the economy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 will have significant social costs, and workers and communities must be protected. To that end, public-private collaboration agreements will be key.
  6. A turn in the so-called "foreign policy for the middle class" based on a social and fiscal agenda, towards a pre-eminence of other agendas, mainly security and growing militarization.

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