In our efforts to offer our customers the most innovative banking services, Santander Mexico, in partnership with Fibra Uno (“FUNO”), the first and largest Real Estate Investment Trust in Mexico, has begun installing "financial islands" in the country's shopping centres.

One of the most often heard words in the banking sector at the moment is "innovation". This is because banking innovation stopped being an option a long time ago. Customers increasingly demand more innovative services to help with their banking transactions and in their relationship with the bank. As a result, here at Santander Mexico we have launched an innovative banking services model in the form of a "financial island".

These "financial islands" are special booths which combine digital banking with professional advice from a Santander executive. Customers can use the latest-generation ATMs connected to these booths to carry out counter services or withdraw cash, and also get advice from one of the bank's sales executives.  

First of the 50 financial islands installed across 39 cities of the Mexican Republic.

As Santander Mexico's executive chairman, Héctor Grisi Checa, points out, "Santander is at the forefront of financial services in terms of technology, while also offering human interaction to those customers who prefer it".

Through the installation of these "financial islands" in FUNO shopping centres in Mexico, we are also extending our hours of service and improving the customer experience.

Ángel Rivera, vice chairman of Retail and Commercial Banking at Santander Mexico says that "this is a strategic partnership, because it will not only become part of our project of expanding our services across the country, but it will also allow us to present an innovative value proposition that will improve our customers' experience".

A total of 50 "financial islands" will be installed in 39 cities of the Mexican Republic. With them, we at Santander Mexico will strengthen our financial services presence in shopping centres visited by high volumes of people, with a potential to handle up to 8.4 million users per year.

Recognised for our commitment to innovation

Santander Mexico, was recognised by Fintech Americas, the portal specialising in financial transformation in Latin America, as once of the most innovative banks in the region in 2019 for the start-up of our smartwatch payments scheme – a pioneer system in the country and in Latin America. Through this payments scheme, which is a pioneer in the country itself and in Latin America as a whole, we will drive faster, more accessible and inclusive financial services, helping people and the economy.

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