Innovation has become a major and necessary cornerstone in all the projects we undertake. An example of this is the launch of Santander Locker, a new channel for the delivery of financial products at Santander Uruguay, which combines cutting-edge technology to give extensive coverage and unlimited availability to our customers.

In a world that is becoming more and more dynamic, where the customer chooses how, when and where to collect their products, efficiency and flexibility are essential requirements for a quality service. Santander Uruguay has designed Santander Locker to help it do this.

This new service involves an agile and simple channel for the delivery of financial products through the use of lockers installed in the branches, which can be used over an extended number of days and hours to adapt our services to our customers' pace of life.

“Looking at today's pace of life, where we have to be smart about how we manage our time and resources, Santander Locker makes it easier to access various financial products. The customers choose how and when to relate to our bank," explains Ana Paula Aboal, Distribution manager at Santander Uruguay.

Technology within everybody's reach

The lockers are simple to use. The user requests the product, chooses where they want to collect it and instantly receives a text message with a QR code and a serial number. To collect the product, all they have to do is key in the last few digits of their identity document and, if the product is a credit card, it will be activated at the same time.

Technology is changing banking as we know it and, as a result, we are preparing ourselves to take advantage of the enormous strengths that Santander has, such as technology, talent and globality, to extract the maximum benefit from the opportunities that digital innovation brings us.

Such is our bank's commitment to innovation that we are going to invest almost 10% of our operating revenue, EUR 20,000 million, over the next four years in digital transformation and new technology. The objective is clear: to operate around the whole world with open, global platforms which deliver financial products through the use of Agile methodologies. In the words of Ana Paula Aboal, Distribution manager at Santander Uruguay: "Santander Locker is an example of the strategic aim that characterises Santander, always focusing on improving customer experience and offering a quality service".