Santander Portugal has opened its new space for customer active listening: its Customer Centre. The Centre was created in response to the need to capture the voice of both customers and employees using scientific methodologies and criteria and to take them into consideration when the Bank takes decisions which affect Customer Experience.

14/10/2019  "We intend to deliver knowledge which helps to make more substantiated decisions with a view to increasing satisfaction with and recommendation of our products and services, increasing customer loyalty and playing a decisive role in making the Bank Simple, Personal and Fair", said Liliana Capucho, head of the Customer Centre.

Pedro Castro e Almeida, chairman of the executive committee of Santander Portugal, and Phillipa Cox, corporate head of the Culture area, were at the event.

The Customer Centre is a multipurpose space that integrates several design thinking methodologies and aims to research and experiment with the interaction of customers and employees with the Bank's products and services. The space features sophisticated audio-visual equipment, which offers the ideal conditions to experience events properly, with simultaneous display and subsequent exploitation of the collected data and information.

The Customer Centre's motto is the inspiring definition by António Terra da Motta, head of Quality: "the customer's perception is the reality". The mission for this new area is to discover the customers' perception, assessment and sentiment towards Santander, its goods and services. This is the only way to meet customer expectations.

"Meeting our customers' expectations is the key to the Bank's success as a retail bank", concluded Liliana Capucho.

The Customer Centre confirms the importance given by Santander to its customers' needs and the Bank's adjustment to them, so that it may provide unmatched service in terms of value and quality.