Santander is monitoring the development of the coronavirus carefully and is following the instructions of both the World Health Organization and the health authorities in each of its countries.  

In line with the recent decisions taken by the authorities in several Spanish regions to suspend teaching activity in centres of education, Santander has asked its employees in the corporate centres located in Madrid to telework.

This measure follows the actions taken in recent weeks across the Group in all its markets in order to protect the wellbeing of its employees, customers and stakeholders, while ensuring customers can continue to access banking services as normal. 

To this end, Santander is taking a number of precautionary measures across all its markets. These include:

  • Avoiding non-essential employee travel and restricting travel entirely to or from the most affected areas. 
  • Ensuring that employees returning from any of the most affected areas, or anyone who has been in contact with a person diagnosed with coronavirus is assessed and asked to work from home where appropriate.  
  • Requiring employees to ensure they follow best practice hygiene guidelines, including  frequent washing of hands with water and soap or an antibacterial gel.
  • Postponing training courses and other big events organised by the bank, or holding them remotely.
  • And ensuring that any large critical teams, including for example our Santander CIB trading floor, are split into separate locations to ensure the continuity of the business. 
  • External visits to the Group's corporate centers have been restricted to those that are strictly necessary.

These measures apply both to Group employees and to external suppliers and consultants who work at Santander's facilities.

The bank will continue to liaise with authorities to ensure that it is following best possible advice and guidance.