The bank has the first offering based on the new instant payment system.

Advertising encourages customers to sign up to be among the first to join.

São Paulo, 25 August 2020.
Today, Santander Brazil is running a new advertising campaign to introduce SX, a financial solution that uses PIX, the Central Bank of Brazil’s new payment system, due for release in November. It lets individuals and companies complete transactions in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

PIX will join the options available to consumers. Together with special wire transfers (known as DOCs and TEDs), cheques, and debit and credit cards, consumers will be able to complete transactions (free for individuals) instantly and more efficiently.

‘It became clear to us that PIX can be a powerful tool to provide banking services to people and gain our customers' loyalty. That's why we decided to offer benefits to anyone who comes to use the tool to transfer funds through us. That's how SX was born’, said Marcelo Labuto, head of retail banking at Santander Brazil. ‘For strategic reasons, we’re making our product public now, and we’ll reveal its distinguishing features soon’.

According to the Santander executive, PIX brings unquestionable improvements, but consumers should keep in mind, for example, the need for sufficient funds in their account for each transaction, Internet quality and the robustness of the bank's system to get the most out of it. Customers can carry out transactions with a QR code, an alphanumeric key or their personal data filed with their account.

‘PIX has several advantages, but we don’t expect it to replace all other payment methods. With SX, we hope to give our customers good reason to use the system, and we want to take the lead in this technology from the very beginning’, concluded Labuto.


Robson Nunes and Samantha Schmütz co-star in Santander's new advertising campaign about the advantages of PIX that encourages consumers to sign up to use SX once it becomes available. The TV ads, which will begin to air on 25 August during prime time, even feature Ana Paula Arósio as a guest star in a rare media appearance.

‘At this stage of the campaign, we aim to explain what PIX is and introduce our SX. Next, our ads will show the distinguishing features that bear out why our PIX is special’, said Santander branding and marketing director Igor Puga. ‘Because this is still new to people and requires some self-study, we went with a more fun, comedic approach’.

To introduce SX, the two comedians will allude to the initials of TV presenter Xuxa and her daughter, Sasha, in sketches that simulate arguments between them while using the new payment method. Before PIX is available, the ads will bring up SX's other benefits and special terms for customers who register their Santander accounts on the system.