Banco Santander's loyalty programme wants to do more than exchange points for air miles (less than 10% of point redemptions)

The new app has more features, such as direct payment for purchases at the POS

15 September 2020.
As new consumer habits emerge with the pandemic and market shifts, Banco Santander's loyalty programme, Esfera, is releasing a new app that will give customers a better experience with loyalty programmes and payment methods. As of today, customers can download it and start paying with card points at more than 1.3 million outlets in the Getnet network.

Customers initiate payment with a QR code that appears on the retailer’s Getnet POS terminal; then they choose between paying only with points or partially with a credit card linked to their account on the app. Esfera wants customers to have more options for redeeming card points and use perks to meet their daily needs.

‘We've noticed significant changes in our customers' behaviour over time. Before, most would redeem points for air miles. When we added diverse and highly competitive options to our portfolio, we saw a significant number of customers migrating to other options: electronics, homeware, drinks, debit card cashback, delivery and fuel vouchers, etc.’, said Esfera CEO Elaine Watanabe. She pointed out that this migration increased during the pandemic. ‘Now, less than 10% of point redemptions are for air miles; it's clear that our customers are increasingly interested in products, services and experiences’.

Esfera's app offers discounts at partnered retailers and other ways to earn and redeem points. It also lets customers to check their balance and points, and redeem vouchers at associated outlets and services. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store and App Store.