Open banking has been available to Santander Bank Polska customers since June. Soon the bank will deploy a new service on Santander Open: transfers from accounts with other bank on Santander Internet.

Warsaw, 16 Sep 2020
Polish banks are developing ‘open banking’ services in the wake of the Directive PSD2 introduced in 2018 to enhance open banking and create a single payment market in the EU. Open banking is widespread solution among banks, especially in the United Kingdom [1].

Until now, Santander Bank Polska customers could preview their account statements with selected banks on a single space on Santander Internet and mobile. This function improves budgeting and financial decision-making. For simpler, more convenient banking services, the bank will soon introduce a new solution within Santander Open: payment initiation service (PIS).

sign up fortander Bank Polska customers that have their accounts with Alior Bank, BNP Paribas, PKO BP, Pekao S.A., T-mobile Banking Services aggregated on Santander Open, will soon be able to initiate domestic transfers from them. The service will first be available for accounts with PKO BP, Pekao S.A. and Alior Bank, and gradually expanded to accounts with other banks.

‘Santander Open offers customers many new options. The first step towards open banking was account aggregation with certain banks. Currently, these are Alior Bank, BNP Paribas, PKO BP, Pekao S.A. and T-mobile Banking Services. Soon, as pioneers in the market, we’ll allow them to initiate transactions from accounts with the selected banks aggregated on Santander Open. We’re constantly working on new services based on the API PSD2’, explains Dariusz Paczewski, head of the Digital Innovations Office at Santander Bank Polska.

The user-friendliness of Santander Open

Customers not using Santander Open can sign up for open banking at any time. Adding accounts with other banks to online or mobile banking with Santander Bank Polska only takes a few steps. After logging in, customers should open the ‘Add accounts with other banks’ option on the Desktop; select a bank from the list; and accept the rules of service and required terms. Next, they should log into the website of the bank managing the selected account and confirm aggregation. Customers must give new consent for aggregation every 90 days but can cancel it at any time.

After adding an account, customers will be able to view all their accounts in the ‘Your products’ tab in online banking on the Santander Bank Polska mobile app.

In the coming days, initiating payment transactions from a selected account will be possible on Santander Internet by clicking the ‘Transfer’ option under the right account on the Desktop. Accountholders will be redirected to the subpage to initiate the transaction, as they would with their Santander Bank Polska account. The bank is not the recipient of transferred funds at any stage. To complete transactions, orders should be accepted in the other bank. The next step will be to confirm the transfer according to the authorisation method the bank managing the account provides. The bank managing the account may also charge fees based on its table of fees and commissions.