With frequent transfer users in mind, Santander is the only bank offering subscription to low-price transfer packages

Lisbon, 15 October 2020. PRESS RELEASE
Santander customers can now make instant transfers to all SEPA countries in Europe (1). Transfers (in euros) are available all day, year round, and recipients can receive funds within ten seconds.

This service, which was launched in September 2018 only for transfers within Portugal, has now been extended to SEPA countries and charges the same fee for a domestic instant transfer.

With frequent transfer users in mind, Santander is offering instant transfer packages at a lower price. Santander is the only bank with this proposition.

Instant transfers allow consumers to make emergency payments, and recipients to receive funds immediately.

Expanding this service marks another stage in Santander’s creation of innovative digital payment solutions that consolidate its leadership in payments. The bank will continue to innovate with simple, fast and safe products and services for day-to-day financial management.

(1) Only available at participating banks in recipient countries