This is a platform for international issuers and investors which gathers information from the world's sustainable debt issuers, and is a major investor benchmark.

Banco Santander recently joined the Nasdaq index's sustainable bond network.The Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network (NSBN) is the first professional electronic market to centralise and homogeneously list relevant information on sustainable bond transactions and issuers worldwide, in a bid to foster transparency in this market. 

Issuers use NSBN to share information on the standards they observe in their transactions with green, social or sustainable bonds, their issuance frameworks, and data in relation to the impact and typology of the projects financed with the proceeds of the transactions and their relationship with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This gives investors more extensive information and transparency for decision-making, making the tool a benchmark in the sector. 

In the opinion of José García Cantera, Chief Financial Officer at Banco Santander: “We are very proud to form part of this platform, because it represents a new milestone in our undertaking to be classified by investors as one of the world's leading exponents of responsible banking”.

“Green bonds have a huge social impact and go hand in hand with our mission to bolster the progress of people and businesses, and they are also increasingly appreciated and sought after by investors. Forming part of NSBN makes it easier to interact with investors”, adds Sergio Gámez, group head of Shareholder and Investor Relations. 

To form part of the platform, Banco Santander underwent a stringent appraisal process which unlocks the value of the commitment and rigour of the procedures and standards adopted in its sustainability policy.

Santander is now one of the world's largest green finance providers. It has issued two green bonds since 2019, each in the amount of EUR 1 billion.

Nasdaq controls the world's second-largest automated stock exchange, and New York's largest.