The partnership between Santander and Casa América Latina is once again rewarding research projects by Portuguese and Latin American students

Submissions for the 12th edition are accepted until 31 May

Lisbon, 31 March 2021. PRESS RELEASE
The submission period for the 2021 Mário Quartin Graça Science Award (Prémio Científico Mário Quartin Graça 2021) is now open. This is a partnership between Banco Santander and Casa da América Latina, which gives recognition to the best doctoral theses in Portugal and Latin America.

The annual initiative is being held for the 12th time and is aimed at students from one these countries with completed research into Social and Human Science, Technologies and Natural Science, and Economic and Business Science.

The winners are chosen on the basis of the following criteria: the topic's originality, relevance as refers to facilitating closer ties between the countries, and research quality. The best in each category is presented with a monetary prize amounting to €3,000.

Submissions are accepted until 31 May. All information is available at the website of Casa da América Latina.

This award is proof of Santander's commitment to supporting education and knowledge. Created 12 years ago, it has stimulated and recognised the expertise of Portuguese and Latin American students in mutually interesting topics for both Portugal and Latin America. To date, more than 33 awards have been presented and 723 applications have been received, most of them from Portugal and Brazil. More than 85 theses were assessed for the last edition.