The bank is sponsoring education that combines practical exercises, theory and abilities focused on IT

Santander Bootcamp is going to train new talent to work with the latest technology

Santander Brazil is offering 50 thousand specialist scholarships in Information Technology, with dynamic learning as part of a 75-day online programming course. The Bootcamp is sponsored by Banco Santander as part of a partnership with three existing internal departments: Santander Universities and its IT and HR departments.

Applications for Santander Bootcamp are open between 3 May and 3 June, on the Santander Becas platform. This type of training – Bootcamp – has been widely used in the IT sector via methodology in which practical and theoretical workloads take place in an immersive environment, which greatly aids professional education.

The target audience for this type of training provided by Santander is young people interested in technology, who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding and subsequently enter the job market as part of a sector recognised as a reference point for leading-edge technology.

Santander Universities promotes multiple opportunities focused on the world of technology, to support the digital transformation of the bank itself. At the end of the programme, candidates with stand-out skills will then be invited to participate in internal recruitment processes.

"We appreciate that the current scenario has fast-paced training and learning requirements. At the same time, the demand for IT professionals in only going to increase. We are therefore making every possible effort to provide new forms of knowledge and rapid skill development by sponsoring thousands of people who wish to enter a market that constantly faces a deficit", explains Nicolás Vergara, executive head of Santander Universities.

Banco Santander currently has hundreds of IT-based vacancies in various departments and is seeking new people to work in a challenging environment with multiple opportunities and a differentiated working culture. Current vacancies can be found at this links and in this other link.

"We realise that one of the best ways to socially contribute to the development of the country is by increasing the level of understanding and knowledge of professionals that we train and then include in the market. We are taking advantage of this ecosystem and infrastructure to extend this training to thousands of people who are looking to grow professionally or refine the management of their own careers", assesses Vanessa Lobato, vice chair of Human Resources of Santander Brazil.

Santander Bootcamp is going to provide coursework in Full Stack, Java+Angular, mobile Kotlin and mobile Swift programming languages. The course will also offer mentoring and collaborative experiences with multiple Santander professionals of note.

"The financial sector is currently one of the biggest investors in technology in Brazil and one of the most interesting sectors to work in, in addition to having an unprecedented degree of digital transformation. The Santander Bootcamp is a group-based initiative focused on qualifying professionals who work with high tech and applied innovation", emphasises Marino Aguiar, Chief Information Officer of Santander Brazil.

With a huge community of more than 380 thousand software developers, Digital Innovation One (DIO) is the partner chosen by Santander to run the Bootcamp.

On its platform, DIO has developed exclusive training experiences in combination with experienced software developers and architects from Santander, so that all participants can receive an extensive learning experience.

About Santander Universities
Banco Santander maintains a solid commitment to progress, as well as to inclusive and sustainable growth. By means of pioneering and consolidated support of higher education through Santander Universities, it has been able to stand out from other financial institutions for the last 25 years. More than €2 billion have been set aside and more than 630 thousand scholarships have been granted over the years. In Brazil, Santander invests around R$40 million per year in education alone. And in 2020, we sponsored more than 24 thousand students in education, employment and business venture initiatives.

About Santander Technology
Santander's technology is one of the bank's main competitive differentials, as part of a culture that prioritises people, our People, over any technological innovation. It focuses on digital transformation and relies on more than 2,500 employees across multiple platforms, a highly qualified and trained team working with leading-edge technology that includes the adoption of open source software maintained by IT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and hyper-automation communities. This area has a resilient, robust and secure structure, consisting of disciplines such as Infrastructure, Software Development, Product Design, Data Engineering and Machine Learning, Quality, Governance and IT Architecture, all within a strong cloud-first and AI-first environment. One of the main focus points of Santander's IT area is to train talented individuals through appropriate training, certifications and internal incentives, through mentoring between colleagues by means of workshops, knowledge pills on technology and training pathways to facilitate learning across the most widespread of topics.

About Digital Innovation One (DIO)
Founded in 2018, Digital Innovation One is the first Brazilian Open Education platform with the aim of democratising the knowledge of software development and exponential technology, to accelerate the professional training of more than 5 million digital talents, by connecting them to opportunities within the most innovative companies in the market to, in turn, provide the maximum amount of potential for socioeconomic development. Currently, the start-up ecosystem relies on more than 380 thousand students, 160 teaching institutions, 100 mentors, 500 market-based experts, 3,000 professionals and more than 1,000 companies, all connected by means of educational programmes.