Santander Spain continues to advance in the construction of One Europe by incorporating the new One Card design in the value proposition of cards, adding to their launch in Poland and Portugal.

6 October 2021 - PRESS RELEASE
The new sustainable cards are manufactured with recycled material and have passed all the usability tests of the four One Europe countries. The inclusion of a special identification to aid accessibility for blind customers means that the new cards meet our socially responsible standards.

Customers in Spain will start to receive the new cards for new releases and reissues as a result of deterioration, theft or loss. The colours the new cards will have are as follows:

  • The iconic Santander red for Debit One and Debit Smart cards.
  • Black color for All in One credit, All in One Basic and Smart Credit cards.
  • Light blue for One Aplaza cards.
  • Pastel blue for Prepaid cards.

“One Card”, the new sustainable cards

To date, Santander cards have no issue or maintenance commission and can be used to pay with mobile devices immediately (without having to wait to receive the physical card), withdraw cash from ATMs or finance all purchases and receipts.

By 2025, all debit and credit cards in Spain, Portugal, Poland and the United Kingdom will be made with sustainable materials. This progress is in line with the Group's commitment to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2050 to support the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

By requiring less energy to produce than plastic cards, the switch to ecological cards in Europe will avoid the emission of more than 1,000 tons of CO₂ per year, equivalent to the energy consumption of almost a thousand households. Once this transition is complete, the use of plastic will be reduced by 60 tons per annum.

The launch of the new cards is the first tangible result in implementing our common model in the region and an important step forward in the construction of One Europe.