One of the aims of the new product is to help customers to organise their finances, which normally get mixed up with their personal budget.

The card is being launched in response to demand from microentrepreneurs looking for an alternative to organise their business expenses including but not limited to buying stock, food payments, and transport costs, without these getting mixed up with their personal expenses.

“Our aim is to demonstrate that it is possible to separate your budgets and start thinking more like a company. The Santander MEI card offers discounts on business-related purchases, in addition to allocating the customer to the correct segment, providing access to financial services oriented at companies", explains Rogério Panca, head of Cards at Santander.

One of the stand-out features of the product is that it offers discounts on the purchase of materials and supplies. The bank has signed partnership agreements with major wholesalers to offer discounts on purchases made with the card and no card fee is charged to holders who spend at least R$100 per month. The first partnerships, like those with Sam’s Club, Sumirê and Via Varejo, were chosen as they form part of segments in which microentrepreneurs are most active in Brazil, including but not limited to beauty salons, accessory or clothes shops, home improvement services, bars, cafeterias and restaurants. Furthermore, discounts are available on computer products and professional training courses. On the Esfera website (, customers can obtain cashback of up to 10% and enjoy other promotions with more than 40 partner stores.

The new card is aimed at "MEI" companies (individual microentrepreneurs) and entitles holders to an additional two cards. The card limit can be managed via the bank's app and reassessed depending on the customer's relationship with the bank and whether they make timely repayments.

More support for individual microentrepreneurs

Santander MEI will make up the portfolio of business cards that, to date, had targeted companies with a bigger turnover and will be available to all Santander customers. The service can be arranged by opening a corporate current account, whether online on the bank's website or at one of its branches, with a grace period of three months on the package of services and access to Getnet card machines with better conditions than offered by the market for individual microentrepreneurs. 

According to Franco Fasoli, Business Director at Santander, the MEI card was designed to support entrepreneurs who need to cap their spending and greater support managing their business. “The aim is to offer conditions for the customer to stock their business with raw material and supplies, organising their expenditure using the credit card”, he explains. 

The card also allows expenses to be concentrated and organised on a single repayment date, with the customer having 40 days to pay off any purchases made. "In other words, more breathing space when it comes to cash flow", he concludes.

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