In Spain, the bank’s Finanzas para Mortales (“Finance for Mortals” or “FxM”) programme is working with the Santander Financial Institute (SANFI) to take part in the initiative.

Under the slogan “Build your future. Be wise with money”, activities will run from 21 to 27 March and involve volunteer instructors from Santander, NGOs and comics such as Eva Soriano in various training pills.

Banco de España and Spain’s National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) deem FxM one of the most important financial education programmes in the country. 

Madrid, 21 March 2022.
From today until 27 March, Banco Santander is taking part in Global Money Week run by the OECD across the globe to teach the importance of basic financial education and ensure young people get the skills they need early in order to make sound financial decisions for the rest of their life.

The bank’s Finanzas para Mortales (“Finance for Mortals” or “FxM”) initiative has organized an extensive programme with the Santander Financial Institute (SANFI). Under the slogan “Build your future. Be wise with money”, it consists of over 40 activities. For 10 years, Santander has been running this free, employee-led programme in Spain to promote financial inclusion and learning, particularly among society’s most vulnerable.

The activities starting today include classes at university campus Santander Work Cafés about managing finances, saving, digital banking, being self-reliant and wise borrowing; online and at such NGOs as Asociación Española contra el Cancer (Spanish Association Against Cancer or “AECC”); training pills with comedienne Eva Soriano; visits with schoolchildren to the Santander archives; and a new FxM finance challenge with a prize for everyone who wants to test their mastery of finance. See the entire programme at (in Spanish).

Banco Santander maintains its staunch support for financial inclusion as part of its Responsible banking agenda and its commitment to the United Nations’ SDGs for 2030. It aims to empower 10 million people financially across the globe between 2019 and 2025 in three key ways: helping the unbanked access basic financial services; offering special products, tailored to low-income or struggling individuals and SMEs; and fostering financial education. In just three years (2019-2021), Santander gave access, financing and financial education to 7.4 million people, including struggling micro-entrepreneurs, individuals, households, SMEs, social entrepreneurs and groups at risk of exclusion. In 2021 alone, it supported some 185,000 encumbered SMEs and provided over 75,000 people with financial education in Spain.

Fundación UCEIF and SANFI

Fundación UCEIF, University of Cantabria’s financial sector studies and research foundation ( was created in 2006 as a joint initiative between the university and Banco Santander — through its Santander Universities ( corporate area) — with a mission to become a leading financial research institution in Spain and worldwide.

The Santander Financial Institute (SANFI), Fundación UCEIF's centre for  financial learning and research, was created in 2021 as part of the partnership agreement between the University of Cantabria, Fundación UCEIF and Banco Santander.  

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