Santander Bank Polska and the Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation (Polska Fundacja Przedsiębiorczości) are launching a series of workshops to support women in building successful businesses.

Apart from workshops run by experts, the project also offers educational grants and subsidies. It is open to women who are, or want to become, entrepreneurs. The goal of the “EmPOWERed in business” (“MOCne w biznesie”) initiative of Santander Bank Polska and the Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation is to motivate and support women in starting and growing their businesses.

“There is a gender gap when it comes to entrepreneurship. To address this issue, we are launching the “EmPOWERed in business” initiative in partnership with the Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation. It is an inspiring project open to all women who want to develop their skills, invest in themselves and broaden their horizons. We inspire one another, actively support female leadership development and encourage women to unlock their potential,” said Magdalena Proga-Stępień, Head of Sales and Distribution at Santander Bank Polska.

The eight online workshops will be run by inspirational women who will share their knowledge and experience.

On Thursday 2 June, Dominika Bettman and Anna Orska will talk about diverse businesses and their benefits. They will discuss differences in corporate social responsibility depending on the firm size and explain how sustainability relates to diversity in business. The workshop will be closed with a Q&A session.

A few days later, on 8 June, Anita Gałek will speak about the impact of the changing environment on the technology, business and society. She will explain how the labour market has changed over the years, which factors have the greatest impact on the society and which competencies a woman should develop to become a successful leader.

Next workshops starting after the holidays

The “EmPOWERed in business” workshops will be held until mid-November 2022. The meetings in June will be followed by the summer break and the next training sessions will start on 14 September.

During the first one, Kamila Gąsior, an advisor in the Grow with Google programme with many years of experience in online marketing, will explain how to best use cloud computing in business. The participants will not only learn what cloud computing is and what opportunities it offers, but they will also get to know specific tools and how to use them in practice.

The workshops are free. The registration form and the full training agenda can be found at: The recordings of all previous meetings will also be published there.

The “EmPOWERed in business” programme is a joint initiative of Santander Bank Polska and the Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation. It is open to enterprising women who have the chance to develop their knowledge and skills during workshops with inspirational female leaders. The participants can also win one of ten grants of PLN 11k or receive one of four subsidies of EUR 50k for an innovative project.