Santander Bank Polska is a signatory and one of the initiators of the Declaration of Responsible Selling. The aim of the declaration is, among other things, to raise ethical standards in customer service. This year, the bank was successfully audited by KPMG. Such an audit must be successfully completed every two years by all signatories of the Declaration.

Warsaw, 14 September, 2022.
From April to May 2022, auditors from KPMG checked the processes and services at Santander Bank Polska. The audit confirmed that the bank's internal regulations are transparent and customer-friendly. This means that the bank behaves ethically towards its customers and has standards in place to look after their welfare.

The Declaration of Responsible Selling requires signatories to take specific actions for the benefit of customers. It recognises institutions that not only align their procedures with the requirements of the law, but go the extra mile for the benefit of the customer. 

The declaration encourages continuous improvement. It provides assurance to the consumer that the signatory institutions offer their products and services in a responsible manner. Every two years, all signatories have to pass an audit of compliance with the declaration.

”As a bank, we want to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. The audit has given us the opportunity to review which of the actions we are taking are the right ones and which ones we need to improve. We are an institution that puts the customer at the centre and responds to their changing needs. We feel proud to have initiated, together with our partners, the first such cooperation on the Polish market. By doing so, we want to encourage other institutions to join and sign the Declaration of Responsible Selling. We want to work together to increase trust in the financial industry and better serve society and the economy,” explains Joanna Jabłońska-Białowąs Chief Customer Officer at Santander Bank Polska.

By signing the declaration, Santander Bank Polska committed itself to: 

  • Offering products that are clear, understandable and simple.
  • Selling products that are tailored to the needs and capabilities of the consumer, taking into account their safety.
  • Selling products at fair prices.
  • Establishing a simple, efficient and effective complaints process.
  • Taking particular care for the safety of vulnerable consumers.
  • Treating all consumers with respect, ensuring the highest quality of service.
  • Promoting products in a transparent and fair manner.
  • Listening to and taking into account the voice of consumers when taking action.
  • Educating consumers and other market participants.

The Declaration of Responsible Selling is a project initiated by financial institutions and hosted by the Consumer Federation. It was created to raise and disseminate ethical standards in customer service, educate business and consumers and increase trust in the financial industry.