In its new campaign, Santander Bank Polska presents its non-financial & CSR initiatives and projects intended to support people to commit to their passions and dreams and to overcome challenges and barriers. The campaign features the bank's new ambassador – Piotr Adamczyk.

Warsaw, 6 April 2023.
The new spot shows how Santander Bank Polska and Santander Foundation have been contributing to the public. It presents unique projects such as Santander Universidades, Finansiaki financial education programme and Obsługa bez barier programme promoting barrier-free banking. The initiatives address the needs of customers, students, children at children's medical wards, people with disabilities and local communities.

We're helping people and businesses prosper. This is our mission - every day, thousands of our employees act upon this mission in their day-to-day work when providing banking services and beyond this. We share our knowledge, skills and passion to help our customers and local communities follow their plans, dreams and passions. We are positive that our actions bring benefits to others. Now we want to show them in our newest campaign

Michał Gajewski, CEO of Santander Bank Polska

Santander Bank Polska has been socially engaged for many years now. Combating social inequality and financial exclusion and helping people in need are important elements of the bank's responsible banking agenda. The bank facilitates access to financing, designs its branches to provide accessible environments for persons with disabilities, promotes financial education of the young and offers training courses for students and new labour market entrants. Santander Foundation also has its own projects.  

Santander Bank Polska's helping has many faces and the newest campaign features a new face – that of its new ambassador, Piotr Adamczyk, who is a popular actor. It presents unique areas of the bank's social engagement:  

Santander Foundation has been supporting various initiatives for 25 years now. As part of its “Klub Płomyka” project (“Flicker Club” reading rooms), the Foundation renovates and equips rooms in hospitals and orphanages to create a comfortable space for children to learn, relax, rehabilitate, and of course, play. Additionally, the Foundation provides support to young athletes and young talents through its scholarship programs. The Foundation's corporate volunteering initiatives have attracted more than 1,500 employees who contribute to local communities. 

Santander Universidades helps students boost their career prospects and employability through scholarships, free courses, upskilling programmes with respect to digital skills, personal development skills, leadership skills for women and foreign languages (English courses with the British Council).  

Finansiaki financial education programme is intended to support parents and teachers in introducing children to the world of finance and entrepreneurship. It has been designed to educate young people how to manage their finances and boost entrepreneurship. Last year, the programme reached more than 460,000 parents and teachers.  

Obsługa Bez Barier (barrier-free banking) program is intended to facilitate the use of banking products and services to customers with special needs. For example, it offers solutions enabling deaf people to communicate with advisors in Polish Sign Language. Santander Bank Polska designs its branches in a way to make them a barrier-free environment accessible to all. Last year, for example, one of its branches was equipped with tactile ground surface indicators and maps in Braille with a bell for assistance, and the TOTUPOINT navigation and information system. 

Charity campaigns, e.g. Podwójna Moc Pomagania (Double Your Impact campaign) - the funds raised during such initiatives with customers and employees are then offered to people who need them most, e.g. they are donated to psychiatric hospitalization for teens, refugees from Ukraine, or spent on pandemic response efforts. 

The bank has made a significant contribution to local communities. Work/Cafe branches are more than a bank. They provide access to free co-working desks and bookable meeting and event rooms to Santander Bank Polska customers. 

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