Action Learning Programme Santander (ALPS) is a development programme that started in 2017 to drive the potential of our organisation's middle management through various stages. The programme is organised around the “action learning in an agile environment” and “teamwork” concepts. 

Lasting around six months, participants attempt to conquer the ALPS in a tailored training drawn up to drive leadership and generate commercial impact by achieving three main goals: expand leadership skills, learn innovative ways of working, and help design three projects that impact the organisation.

Over 300 candidates enrolled in the third edition of the ALPS programme, which started in October 2019, each sending a 1-minute presentation video to apply. After reviewing the applications, 34 participants of ten nationalities were chosen to meet in the Corporate Centre in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid.

José Antonio Álvarez, CEO Banco Santander, Roberto Di Bernardini, Global Head of HR and two members of his team, Elisabetta Galli and Dan Strode, accompanied the participants and welcomed them to the launch event to officially present the programme. Participant Leonor Salomón said the event was “three wonderful and demanding days”. Ruben Justel said it was “exciting and challenging”. According to Joanna Koscielniak, the value of the first stage is “seeing people from different geographies interacting with each other and sharing". For Borja Serrats, the main thing was “learning new ways of working”.

There is still a long way to go, but the participants are now working on their projects in a virtual environment and can meet up at various events staged in countries where Santander Group has operations. Sponsored by a senior executive and supported by a coach to strengthen their leadership skills, each participant will expand their business knowledge, learning about the Design Thinking, Agile and Lean Startup methodologies.

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