In September, Santander held important virtual events for two flagship talent development programmes, ALPS and Young Leaders. 

35 ALPers from 11 geographies and 24 business areas gathered together for their last boot camp and the closing ceremony of the programme’s third year. 

Action Learning Programme (ALPS), which this time around ran for 9 months, promotes experience-based learning in three key areas:  innovation (new methodologies, tools and technologies to support transformation), leadership (the style of command needed to make transformation possible) and networking (bonding with other ALPS participants and interaction with senior officers).

Young Leaders

The Young Leaders Programme, sponsored by our chairman, Ana Botín, was created in 2018 to find and quickly develop emerging leaders in the businesses and geographies of our organization.

Ana Botín at an event with the Young Leaders
Ana Botín at an event with the Young Leaders

The programme has four pathways with activities to promote our strategic pillars:

  • Contributing to our strategy.
  • Increasing exposure.
  • Having new experiences.
  • Growing as a leader.

A key feature of the programme is its deep involvement of local organizations, through keen and constructive partnerships with local HR departments and boards of directors.

The programme kicked off at our Madrid headquarters in February 2019.  

In the closing ceremony, made virtual due to the covid pandemic, executives and our chairman handed out thoughtful awards to the winners of the individual and business categories.

We are very proud of those two programmes’ success and recognition inside Santander and out.

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