The coir substrates that this Manchester-based company engineers reduce waste and make the transposition of water and nutrients to plants’ roots more efficient. Thanks to the support of Santander UK, it is able to continue expanding across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australasia. 

At Santander, we’re aware of the importance of helping our customers grow internationally. That’s why we’re supporting Cocogreen, a company that follows the circular economy and that is helping its customers transition to a green economy. Based in the UK, it’s the world’s leading provider of coir substrates extracted from coconut husks. A compost alternative, its substrates are made of a fully renewable material in a low-energy production process.

What is Cocogreen substrate? A substrate is to plants what rocket fuel is to a spaceship. Cocogreen® substrate acts as the engine room that transposes essential nutrients and water to the plants’ roots, allowing them to thrive and achieve yield and food quality beyond the capabilities of traditional farming practices.

This agritech outfit has developed Moisture Control Technology® (MCT), which enables savings of up to 30% on water and fertiliser in comparison with traditional compost. 

Founded in 2010, Cocogreen conducts over half of its business outside the UK and is looking to enter into new markets through international expansion in the Americas, Australasia, Europe, and Africa 

To do that, Santander UK will provide GBP 7.5 million in funding, which includes a loan to refinance existing debt as well as invoice finance and trade loans to grow international sales.

Another service that Santander UK is providing to Cocogreen is digital platform Santander Navigator, which will play a key role in its expansion into overseas markets by connecting it with third parties, such as lawyers, and help it set up in-country entities and streamline international shipping.   

Santander UK has also provided Cocogreen with bank accounts in Mexico and Spain and a digital platform to manage its Santander accounts across the world.

Cocogreen invests in research and development to enhance future farming practices and is a founding member of The Water Efficient Technology Centre (WET) in the UK. In Sri Lanka, the company owns 11 sites that grow, process and engineer coconuts into the final product. 

With over 600 employees, it holds several certifications and has won numerous awards for its work as a socially responsible enterprise. It’s a sustainability and development trailblazer that Santander works with as a global partner.

Santander Navigator, supporting companies’ international growth


Santander Navigator is a digital subscription platform that supports UK companies with international growth. It provides expertise and knowledge collated by Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking’s international team to help UK businesses expand abroad. 

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