Last update: 16/02/2022

Santander brings Generations X and Z together to talk about the working environment they share. Contrasting opinions and ways of seeing the world come together to show how diversity bolsters the world of work and adds value for the future. 

Whether it’s analogue watches or smartwatches, playing in the square or online with people in other countries... the ways in which Generations X and Z interact with their surroundings are poles apart. While Generation X are people aged 40 to 56 and Generation Z are in their twenties, they come together at the workplace. 

Generation X are hardened experts with over two decades’ experience. In turn, Generation Z ooze creativity and adapt to change through a digital lens. At Santander, we combined their efforts at CrossGen, a series of one-to-one meetings where participants talked about the rules of the workplace, the future and what they think of each other.

Generation X experts like Yolanda Sacristán (former editor-in-chief of Vogue España), Javier Martín (South Europe regional HR director at Google) and Laura Durán (chief marketing officer at Ikea) spoke to the bank’s Gen Zers Ricardo Domingo, Raúl Serrano and Ana Ibarra on The Cross Experience platform. 

Also, our Generation Xers Carolina López, Idoia Mateo, Jaime A. Contreras and Miguel López met young people through consultancy firm Mazinn. 

Thanks to this initiative, participants found that seeing things from a different angle and tackling the same situation in another way are what actually bring these generations together. They agree on the importance of diversity, adaptability and technology in today’s workplace, where they’re all the stars of the show. The value they add by working together will undoubtedly aid their personal and professional development.

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