Santander UK customers participate in online safety workshops across Santander UK branches and Work Café. 

As part of an initiative to ensure Santander UK customers are cyber safe, our UK branch colleagues are hosting interactive sessions across the country, sharing best practices to help people stay safe online. The workshops have been delivered by personal bankers throughout the UK including London, Leeds, Liverpool, Bath, Birmingham, Haverfordwest, Solihull, Stockton and Whitehaven. 

During the workshops, branch colleagues share tips with customers, including how to navigate the internet securely, secure mobile devices, create strong passwords, and the importance of software updates and multifactor-authentication, as well as insights on the latest fraud and phishing scams, including social engineering. 

“I’ve learnt how to protect my accounts online and the tactics people use to gain information about you to send you a credible phishing email. It’s quite insightful, informative and different. I haven’t seen anything like this before,” said a Santander UK customer. 

In today’s fast paced and evolving digital world, the workshops help customers stay up-to-date on the simple steps internet users should take to secure their digital identity and information. The five Santander cyber tips help customers easily remember the things they can do to stay safe online. 

For more information on upcoming workshops, please visit:  

Across the Santander Group, we regularly raise cyber awareness and share information about our five cyber tips through events, social media, and our websites and apps. 

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