Banco Santander’s drive to re-imagine and throw light on what football will look like in 20 years ends with two documentaries that capture the spirit of the initiative. 

FootballCan 2041 is an initiative led by Banco Santander with GSIC (powered by Microsoft) to envision football in 20 years. Now it’s drawing to a close, what better way to sign off than for the “football bank” to ponder what the Beautiful Game will be like in the future? 

FootballCan 2041, part of the bank’s global FootballCan strategy that harnesses football’s power to drive progress and social transformation, launched a competition that more than 150 start-ups from all over the world would enter to come up with technology-based, innovative ideas to make football more diverse, inclusive and sustainable. 

Having announced the three winners, FootballCan2041 is set to end with two documentaries produced by Movistar+. They both chart the realization of a dream where communities prosper thanks to initiatives that make football more diverse, inclusive and sustainable. 

Santander’s two short films, “Astra” and “La Retirada”

The first documentary, Astra, invites us to imagine football without coaches; a squad with players from all walks of life; and where big data and machine learning have a major bearing on results. The second, La Retirada, looks at the sustainable progress of football through the first AI-generated stadium that stores memories and developments in football and society over the last 20 years.

Banco Santander wants to help make football better through real solutions. 

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