An initiative to hear and learn from their personal and professional stories first hand.

Storytelling is a powerful tool. Stories are used to pass down knowledge and culture, they have mobilised entire civilizations and created identities.

In today's world, we are presented with thousands of stories from many different channels and sometimes we forget to listen to those voices closest to us.

Listening to our employees is part of our culture, knowing what motivates you, your concerns, and your goals are, is part of our work to grow an inclusive and sustainable business. 

In our Corporate Centre in Madrid we have developed the MyTalk series, so that those stories can be told to a broader audience.

In MyTalk our employees are the stars. 

The stage is yours, yours is the voice and the opportunity.

Eight colleagues were chosen to share their stories in the first series of MyTalk

The participants have two weeks to prepare and their presentation should be no more than eight minutes. 

David Gil-Esteban, Sergio Cabrera and Manuel Medina, fromSantander Global Tech, were one of the first to present at MyTalks. He told the audience their story: “Somos Innovadores. Somos Santander” ("We are innovators. We are Santander”).

All the stories:



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