Our bank’s employees are an example of inspiration and professional values for the future generations who are starting out in the job market. Ovidio Cordero and Ismael Alonso, participants in our Young Leaders programme to develop young talent, demonstrated this when they took part in the fifth edition of “El País with your future" conference. Santander was a sponsor of this event, organised by El País newspaper and attended by over 1,400 young adults in Madrid in December 2019.

Our employees were a source of inspiration and experience during the event, which aimed to help young adults to choose their professional path. A difficult decision that comes at a very early age. 

Ovidio Cordero at the fifth edition of “El país con tu futuro”. Photographer: Santi Burgos.

This is why Ismael and Ovidio, from the bank’s corporate areas of Cybersecurity and Communications, respectively, highlighted the importance of professional growth in working life. They also talked about the importance of transparency and the impact of big data – particularly on cybersecurity – for employees and customers over the next five years. Another point they stressed was the benefit of developing both personal and technical skills in the professional environment, values which, together with training, are key for Santander. These are also the core pillars on which the bank is building its future. 

Ismael Alonso at the conference organised by El País newspaper. Photographer: Raúl Urbina.

Recipe for personal success

Our employees addressed their young audience with proven experience and sensitivity, which they have acquired from their involvement in Santander’s Young Leaders executive development programme. This initiative, involving 280 employees from around the world and lasting 18 months, was launched in 2018. Its aim is to train young Group employees in all the countries where we have a presence, and to transmit skills and knowledge that will help them to develop professionally. 

During their training, the talented young employees are helping in various areas: the development of our strategy as a bank, the design of their own training programme and strategic projects in a range of areas.

For us, professional growth is key for the future of society. Through programmes such as Young Leaders we aim to encourage this development while providing our employees with the opportunity to work alongside their colleagues from other parts of the world.

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