At Santander, our Global Health, Safety and Wellness Policy helps guide all Group business units in building an optimal working environment for the organisation’s employees, partners and customers.

Health, safety and well-being are key to Santander’s commitment to its employees, partners and customers. Our Global Health, Safety and Wellness Policy is responsible for laying down the general principles that will guide us in these areas.

These general principles are implemented in various global guidelines setting minimum requirements in all areas concerning health (physical, mental, emotional and social) and protection against occupational hazards. These principles are implemented locally by the Group’s various business units. In order to ensure correct compliance in the various geographies and divisions, there are local health, wellness and occupational risk prevention teams, supported by a global team led by Pablo Marina, our global head of Health & Wellness

Prevention and safety: a winning combination to minimise risks

To achieve our commitment to safety, we have collective and other agreements in place both within our organisation and in the banking sector as a whole. We have also set up an ongoing dialogue with the workers’ legal representatives to examine and adapt the occupational risk prevention plans to the new needs.


Accident rate*


Accident rate*

*Hours lost due to workplace accidents as a percentage of total hours worked. Hours worked are theoretical hours. Accidents while travelling to and from work are included.

The most common practices include risk assessment at the workplace to identify, plan and implement preventive measures, and to train the employees accordingly. The involvement of different areas is key throughout this process, to ensure that each part of the process is developed properly.

Thanks to our work in this regard, we have been recognised in numerous countries and awarded certificates for our safe, sustainable and quality work environments. In 2021, we launched the process of obtaining ISO 45001 certification for our corporate headquarters, Santander Group City in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid.

BeHealthy, our commitment to boost the wellness of our employees

Our goal at Santander is to be one of the healthiest companies in the world. That is why, for the past six years, we have been offering our employees the global BeHealthy wellness programme. Based on four pillars (Know yourself, Move yourself, Feed yourself and Balance yourself), each Group country draws up an annual schedule of activities to improve its employees’ mental, emotional and physical health. Our main event takes place in April, when we devote a week to this initiative, featuring both face-to-face and online activities to address each of the pillars of the programme. 

What is more, throughout the year, our employees also have access to various platforms such as Gympass, Limeaid, Betterfly and Thrive, which they can use to enjoy health-focused services and remain physically and mentally active. 

Focus on mental and emotional health

The pandemic has undoubtedly made a major impact on the public’s perception of health. This has featured an increasing awareness of the importance of mental and emotional well-being. In order to accommodate this concern, Santander is working to create an environment that contributes to the mental and emotional wellness of its employees and associates, and one that helps normalise conversations on these issues.

Thus, we are developing a comprehensive policy on mental health and emotional well-being, which centres on the main elements that can help us ensure that it is managed properly.


of employees follow safety measures and procedures against COVID-19*


of employees follow safety measures and procedures against COVID-19*

*Results of the 2021 global opinion survey.

We are stepping up our efforts to boost health

In order to mitigate the devastating effects of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, we have stepped up our efforts. During the pandemic, we established rigorous safety and prevention protocols, implemented globally, including the use of face masks, the installation of thousands of sanitising gel dispensers, social distancing for those who came to work at the office, air filtering and limited office capacity.

In Spain alone, more than 150,000 tests have been carried out on our staff, in order to increase the levels of safety at our facilities. We have also made sanitary materials (masks, gel) available to prevent infections.

Where possible, remote working has been implemented, while keeping a constant flow of online communication and information with employees, in accordance with each country's government guidelines.

Lastly, as part of Santander’s aim to lead the response to COVID-19, we have taken an active part in numerous support and solidarity campaigns. These include the vaccination centre set up at our corporate offices in Boadilla del Monte, in collaboration with the health authorities, where more than 55,000 doses of vaccine were administered.

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