LAST UPDATE: 15/04/2024

Santander’s Global health, safety and well-being policy helps the Group’s business units create an exceptional environment for our employees, contractors and customers.

Health, safety and well-being are key to our commitment to employees, partners and customers. We have a Global policy that sets out the Group’s health, safety and well-being principles.

We embed those principles in global guidelines for physical, mental, emotional and social health as well as for occupational risk prevention. The Group’s business units are responsible for implementing the guidelines in their markets. To make sure we follow these guidelines in every market where we operate, we have local health and well-being and occupational risk prevention teams, supported by a global team that is led by our Global Head of Health and Wellness, Pablo Marina. 

Safety and prevention: The perfect mix to reduce risk

To fulfil our commitment to our employees’ health and occupational risk prevention, we follow internal charters and sector-wide collective agreements. We also work closely with trade unions to revise occupational risk plans and adapt them to new requirements.


Accident rate*


Accident rate*

*Ratio of working time lost due to an occupational accident and time off to total working time. Hours worked are theoretical. Includes accidents while commuting.

We conduct regular workplace risk assessments and adopt other practices to determine, plan and implement preventive measures and to train employees. Input from several areas is key to ensure those practices run smoothly.

Our work has earned us workplace safety, sustainability and quality certifications in several markets.

BeHealthy, our pledge to boost employee well-being

Our goal is to be one of the world's healthiest companies. That’s why for the past eight years we have been promoting the health and well-being of our employees and raising awareness through BeHealthy, a global programme based on these four pillars: 

Each subsidiary draws up an annual schedule of initiatives on mental, emotional and physical health.

Our main event is a week in April, where we run in-person and online activities that cover each of the programme’s pillars. 

This year, under the banner “A healthy life, the best choice you can make”, we’re highlighting physical and mental health and workplace relations. We run useful courses and events on proper body posture, managing emotions, nutrition and other topics. 

Throughout the year, our employees also have use of Gympass, Limeaid, Betterfly, Thrive and other health and well-being programmes and services to help them stay physically and mentally active. 

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for everyone. It creates an optimal environment where employees feel more motivated and enables the bank to remain a great place to work. 

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