Diversity, inclusion and respect for human rights are an integral part of Grupo Santander’s culture. We’ve run projects regulated by internal policies on these areas for many years, and Santander Bank Polska has recently scooped yet another prestigious award for its work.


One of our main goals is to create diverse and inclusive work environments in the countries where we operate. At Santander Bank Polska, we’re certainly hitting the mark: Forbes Women Polska magazine has named us its "Inclusive Company 2020" (PL: "Równa Firma 2020”).

As the award aims to turn theory into practice, Santander Bank Polska’s senior managers have developed these TOP7 golden principles to promote diversity at the workplace:

  1. Hiring without discrimination:
    - Making sure at least one woman is among shortlisted candidates.
    - Not asking about family status or pregnancy (we clearly state the requirements in the job posting).
    - Always keeping an eye on diversity in internal and external recruitment.
    - Posting gender-neutral job openings.

  2. Closing the wage gap:
    - Monitoring equal pay for equal work among men and women.
    - Supervising promotion and compensation measures.
    - Outlining salary ranges and benefits in the job posting.

  3. Non–exclusion of parents:
    - Maternity leave does not jeopardize annual leave or pay rises.
    - Supporting women who return to work by reinstating them to their previous role or an equivalent position, as well as setting their objectives according to their situation.
    - Promoting parental leave (including paternity leave).

  4. Flexibility for parents:
    - Giving the opportunity to work from home or part-time.
    - Providing flexible working hours and using new technologies for remote working.

  5. Building awareness and offering education on D&I:
    - Providing mentoring for women and men.
    - Building women’s self-confidence.
    Running coaching and development programmes.
    - Ensuring management’s support of emerging women's organizations.

  6. Counteracting fraud:
    - Providing hassle-free, anonymous means to report misconduct and protecting whistleblowers.
    - Creating appropriate rules and training to counteract mobbing, discrimination and sexual harassment.

  7. Having at least one woman in the most senior roles. 

The "Inclusive Company 2020" certificate is just another example of the importance Grupo Santander places on diversity, after Euromoney magazine recognized Banco Santander as the Best Bank for Diversity and Inclusion 2020.

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