Over a period of six months, 30 students and recent graduates will take part in a series of projects and events that will speed up their professional development.

Banco Santander is launching the second edition of SantanderTech in Poland. Starting in July, this programme will include internships for 30 students and recent graduates interested in furthering their careers in data science, user experience, robotics, cybersecurity or software development. The selected candidates will spend six months as part of working teams on actual projects being carried out at Santander. 

Since its first edition, SantanderTech is characterised by offering a tailored programme to the professional needs of its participants, allowing them to choose specific courses for expanding their knowledge and developing skills like self-presentation, self-management, creative thinking and design thinking. Coaches and experts will give the training, offering a wide variety of opportunities for learning other technical skills, such as Big Data, life coding, business intelligence or R programming.

The first edition of SantanderTech was launched in 2019 in four of Poland's largest cities (Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Lublin). The strong possibilities of participants finding jobs -70% continued their professional career at the bank after their internship- made it extremely popular among students.

The programme's welcome event is a key highlight. In SantanderTech's debut, participants spent their first day outside Santander's offices at the historical Zakrweco palace near Poznan. During the onboarding, the selected candidates were given a welcome pack, and met each other and the Technology and Operations management board to gain insight into the organisation's culture and strategy. The workshops explained how participants can get the most out of social media and build their personal brand.

With SantanderTech, the participants take part in daily projects alongside teams of experts that guide them in each challenge. With flexible schedules, the work gives them practical skills and internal knowledge, increasing the engagement of everyone. The first edition showcased Santander's main objectives with the programme: the development, wellbeing and retention of talent.

SantanderTech provides a gateway to a multinational group whose purpose is helping millions of people prosper. Through this programme, Santander offers participants a chance to be part of the organisation's digital transformation and build its future, in a flexible and healthy environment committed to diversity and equal opportunities.

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