As of today Santander’s designers, more than 200 people working around the world, have a common statement of principles that represent us and describe our commitments. 

Our Santander Design Manifesto is a document that explains what design means for us in nine principles that guide and contextualise our daily work to offer our customers the best digital experience at all times.

Santander has an aim to be simple, personal and fair in everything we do. It is our responsibility to transfer these values to what we do on a daily basis. That is why we want to have a common manifesto, designed and created by the entire Santander design community. 

User experience design plays an important, if sometimes unseen, role in society. Our work can facilitate such key routine tasks as checking account balances, making plans for the future, buying a home, going on holiday and paying for medical expenses.

That is why we endeavour to ensure that our customers can use our products and services as easily as possible, taking into account all aspects that can help make this experience satisfactory and accessible.

We take care to listen to our customers because we know that only by understanding them and empathising with them will we be able to design products that they will find really useful. At the same time, we strive for constant innovation. Our aim is to be transparent in what we tell customers and to foster inclusiveness and accessibility in our designs. 

We dare to propose better ways of doing things, without fear of making mistakes. 

We are a global, multicultural community that speaks in more than 16 different languages and designs products for over 145 million customers. And now we are a community that share common principles and, more than ever before, works as one. 

We are really passionate about what we do. And we want to tell this to the world, by declaring that this manifesto reflects not only our vision of Design (with a capital D), but also our commitment as a Group to define and design products and services conceived with and for our customers.

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