Last update: 16/11/2020

From the beginning, this conference was poised to be a major annual event in the banking world.  In 2008 we held the first Santander International Banking Conference against a very different backdrop, with leaders from finance, policymaking and regulation who discussed the challenges we were facing and how to overcome them. Subsequent conferences included prominent figures in finance, politics, economics and business to debate the issues of the day. The timely and pertinent debates, and the conclusions drawn from them, help participants devise strategies and take decisions.

2019 International Banking Conference

After holding the conference behind closed doors for years, in 2019 we made it a public event. Distinguished guests Richard Edelman, founder of Edelman Trust Barometer; Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister of Sweden; and Javier Solana, former NATO Secretary-General and chairman of EsadeGeo, led panels before an audience of more than 1,000 people to discuss why instilling confidence is necessary to meet social and economic challenges. Upwards of one thousand people listened to their deliberations online. (You can now watch the talks of the 2019 conference on our official YouTube channel and see the topics and participants in previous events at

2020 International Banking Conference

The 13th International Banking Conference, held virtually due to covid-19, examined the global impact of the pandemic, the political outlook for the United States and other topics over five days

Speakers of the stature of Dan Schulman (president of PayPal) and Larry Summers (former US Treasury Secretary), as well as Teresa Ribera and Nadia Calviño, vice-presidents of the Spanish government, participated in the virtual meetings. On 5 November, the Banco Santander Group Executive Chairman Ana Botín delivered the closing remarks.

To see all the talks at this year’s conference, click on the following link:

Insight I: Rebuilding better: Financial institutions, central banks and governments in a covid-19 economy
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