Documentation about Flame, Santander's new design system, is now available for anyone to browse and use to get information, find inspiration and take the right decisions for them.

A few months ago, we announced the design teams working in the Santander universe had prepared and released the Santander Design Manifesto, which sets out the design principles that guide our work. 

Among other things, the Manifesto asserts that, as Santander designers, we are transparent and fully aligned with our principles for being a Simple, Personal and Fair bank, reaffirming a commitment to not only our clients, but also our collaborators, other designers and those who are currently studying design, in user experience, research, service design and visual design.

Today we’ve released documentation about Flame, Santander's new design system, for anyone to access a large source of information: from details on brand fundamentals to the most advanced definitions and features. Flame has more than 1,780 reusable components, an icon library, an automatic illustrator, multiple templates, colour palettes, special fonts and, of course, detailed accessibility guidelines. We want designers and developers to find helpful information to fulfil their careers and share the fruits of their labours, because we’re convinced they can change society.

Check out Flame, Santander's new design system
Check out Flame, Santander's new design system

By sharing our work as Santander’s designers, we can show how far we have come and all we have learned in a digital environment evolving faster than formal education can keep up with it. Many of us have been able to learn thanks to other generous companies  (AppleGoogleIBMMicrosoftShopify...)  that have shared their work and skills; now it's up to us to do our bit.

This step we are taking is similar to what others have done before; it is also our way of reinforce our commitment to the discipline of design and to those who study, practice and transform it.

If you’re interested and want to know more, check out Flame.

Note: Flame documentation is intended for professional use in a work environment; they are most useful on a computer, and not on a mobile.

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