Our role as a responsible bank is to stand alongside people and businesses in order to support them and help them prosper. Now more than ever, in the exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers can count on our support.

To do so, Santander Spain has made Spanish Official Credit Institute (ICO) financing facilities available to companies, SMEs and self-employed workers. These financing facilities are intended to ensure the liquidity of businesses and help mitigate the economic impact of the containment measures put in place to protect the population from the spread of the coronavirus. 

Beneficiaries of the loans and the Santander employees who have managed the aid tell us their stories behind each financing solution:

Testimonies from customers who have received ICO loans in connection with COVID-19: Valfu and Deluz Group

Testimonies from Santander employees on ICO loans in connection with COVID-19

5 Spanish companies benefiting from an ICO loan give us their testimonial

Two Spanish companies benefiting from an ICO loan give us their testimonial

Testimonies of the solidarity of 5 Spanish companies benefiting from an ICO loan

However, in addition to providing the ICO credit lines, we know that each customer has their own needs and that is why we have launched solutions tailored for both business and to individuals. These are the main solutions:

  • Up to 12 months' moratorium on mortgage payments and six months for personal loans. 
  • Deferral of two months' rent for properties owned by the bank and three months for properties of the Social Housing Fund.
  • Support for suppliers to maintain employment, assuming the costs for those most vulnerable.
  • During the state of alarm, you can withdraw cash from any ATM in the country free of charge. In addition, we provide QR codes for withdrawing money without having to touch the keypad.
  • Three free months of Senior service to help the elderly during this time of isolation, with telecare, a technology “handyman” and 24-hour telephone assistance.

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