At Santander, being Minimum Lovable Product Obsessed means offering customers products to address their pain points, while offering them a seamless and delightful experience along the way.  

The product game has unquestionably changed over the last few years and so has customer’s view on product adoption. Today customers hold a much higher standard of what they consider to be a great product. Product Design has taken off in a way where customers don’t just want their needs to be met, they want to be delighted. They don’t just want to just use a product, they want to love it. 

That’s why at Santander we’re very meticulous about our product design, plan and delivery, and why we consider ourselves to be Minimum Lovable Product Obsessed. While there’s a trend to offer fast Minimum Viable Products that offer basic core features without a thorough understanding of customer’s pain points, being Minimum Lovable Product obsessed means going a step further: offering market relevant products that solve problems while overjoying our customers.

The first vital element involving a Minimum Lovable Product is creating a user-oriented product that addresses customer’s pain points while creating a connection. Even though keeping design simple is a must, testing is a necessary resource to leverage customer’s feedback, fix and retest features though our product development. Only after navigating this continuous process, we can expect to deliver a product that truly resonates with our customers. 

In our efforts of helping people and businesses prosper, the value of a happy customer is priceless. An engaged customer will be eager to interact with a product, become a part of it and be proud to recommend it. 

Find out how to turn early adopters into loyal customers by listening to what Chirag Patel, head of Payments at Santander Digital, has to say about Minimum Lovable Product. You will surely love it! 

Obsessed with designing products our customers will love
Obsessed with designing products our customers will love
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