As companies digitalize to offer customers the best products and services, a world full of opportunity and challenges is emerging, spiking their demand for technology experts. 

New technology is gaining converts. Because students are starting at an early age to use technology to enhance learning, many reach higher levels of study wanting to further their education in this field, which has been in high demand in recent years. 

Some of the career backgrounds banks are targeting most are: 

  • Mobile app and DevOps experts, who create tools and procedures to satisfy arising needs during software life cycles. They also take part in the early stages and optimize software updates. 
  • Cybersecurity experts, who protect companies’ data and information; fix cyber soft spots and attacks; and prevent phishing and other types of fraud, which makes them crucial to banks.
  • Blockchain experts, who specialize in using encryption systems and other new technology to protect information and ensure confidentiality. 
  • Data analysts, who handle vast amounts of data to do research and process information that companies need to make decisions. 
  • Cloud computing experts, who know how to use and optimize highly secure cloud infrastructures that make information accessible anytime and anywhere.  
  • Machine learning experts, who can create and run predictive models (artificial intelligence), which makes user experience more satisfying.

All these experts generally come from the academic field of engineering: computer engineering, telecommunications, software engineering; they might also have specialized in other sciences like mathematics, statistics and physics. We can even find people who graduated in economics and actuarial sciences with a focus on data. 

While all posts require specialist skills, job applicants should generally have high analytical skills and understand programming languages such as Python and JavaScript. They should also be proactive and ready to adapt to ever-changing environments, mastering new work techniques like the Agile methodology.

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