Every year we celebrate “We are Santander Week”, recognising we are a leading organisation that, though global and diverse, shares a common culture.

+ 200,000 employees remember that we are part of a leading organisation that, although global and diverse, shares a common culture

Over the course of the week, which takes place every year in June in the various geographies where Santander is present, we carry out activities that encourage pride in belonging to the Group, organise conferences on sustainability and innovation, promote healthy habits and organise charity and sporting initiatives for teams or families to take part in. In the words of our senior executive vice president responsible for the General Secretariat and Human Resources division, Jaime Pérez Renovales: “This is an excellent opportunity for all employees to celebrate belonging to a great team united by a common culture, which has a challenging purpose and a major impact on society.”

Activities to help communities prosper

Each year, and for more than ten years now, we carry out a range of activities to convey the values of our corporate culture; celebrating various local recognitions, listening, collaboration, solidarity and sports initiatives in each of our markets.

In the latest edition, we hosted a range of events in Germany, including a charity table football tournament and blood donation booths.

Impact on people, not on the environment

As a bank that is committed to the environment, we work every day to minimise our footprint on the planet. “We are Santander Week” is a good opportunity to raise awareness among employees and their families about the importance of being more sustainable and responsible with the environment.

At Santander Brazil we carried out one of the Group’s largest plastic-free campaigns ever, while at Santander UK we organised sustainability workshops for employees' children, where they had the opportunity to plant olive trees.

Living and sharing our bank's corporate culture is essential for personal and professional growth. Only then will we be able to address the challenges we have set ourselves and that differentiate us from other companies. Also, “We are Santander Week” is a way of reminding ourselves of our achievements so far and of what we can achieve in the future by working together.

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