For the third time in six years Euromoney has named Santander the best bank in the world for SMEs. Here’s how we help over four million small and medium-sized enterprises prosper. 

SMEs are the backbone of most economies, driving growth, creating jobs, and boosting innovation and competitiveness. Santander serves over four million SMEs worldwide, with everything from credit and cash management to advisory and investment services.

As well as providing all the banking services our clients expect from us, we use our network and expertise to try to add more value for our SME customers wherever possible - from helping them trade internationally, to supporting their transition to green energy.

Here's a few examples:

International Trade

SMEs that work with Santander can benefit from the group's global network, helping connects businesses to international growth opportunities. Through One Trade and Ebury, for example, we deliver specialized cross-border trading solutions – payments, FX, cash management, trade finance – for business customers. 

Green finance

As the world embraces the energy transition from brown to green, Santander works alongside SMEs seeking to lower their carbon footprint and embrace cleaner technology. As part of our contribution to green finance we help customers transition to a low-carbon economy through both finance and advisory services. 

Supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs

Through Santander Universities we have awarded aid to more than 1,050,000 university students, professionals and SMEs since we began investing in higher education some 26 years ago. With our Santander X programme, we have  built an innovation ecosystem focused on startups, scaleups, micro-entrepreneurs and SMEs - including special training, networking with customers, investors and talent, and other resources they need to grow and prosper.

Santander is committed to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and help our communities prosper. Societies and economies need flourishing small and medium businesses to thrive. We will continue to assist them on their journey as we build long-term relationships.

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