Allí donde estés ("Wherever you are") is an initiative for Santander customers to share their thoughts on prosperity and how we’re helping them bring their projects to life. SMEs, sole traders, entrepreneurs and interns take centre stage in this inspiring, real-life series. 

We’ll find out how Santander has helped a young man who's about to enter the jobs market, prison inmates in a financial education programme, an entrepreneur providing for her family, a young graduate who has returned to her roots to carry on the family business and others. Allí donde estés is a Santander programme that consolidates our brand and our purpose to help people and businesses prosper

Stories of prosperity far and wide

Maru Botana, chef, pastry chef and TV presenter
Fútbol Emotion, SME of the Year in Zaragoza
The bluefin tuna company JC Mackintosh has received from Santander the SME of the Year award in Cadiz
Ramón do Casar vineyard, named “Wine of the Year” by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture
Aires de Jaén, a Spanish company that exports extra virgin olive oil
Group employees participating in the Santander Natura programme
Calcetines Mingo, SME of the Year
Finanzas para Mortales-Justicia Educativa at the Burgos Prison
Correos Cash