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Santander, committed to Higher Education

The University plays a fundamental role in the knowledge society. It acts as a guide towards an innovative society, contributing to economic and social change and supporting scientific and technological progress.

Through its Santander Universities, Banco Santander has collaborated with universities for more than 17 years on a unique global initiative which distinguishes it from other national and international banks and financial institutions.

In 1996, Emilio Botín, decided that the bank should be useful to the societies in which it operates. With the conviction that the university is a vital cornerstone of development and progress, it was decided that Santander's long term commitment would be materialised through creating a program to help the academic world in its role as a guardian of knowledge and a key agent in achieving progress in terms of economic competitiveness and social wellbeing.

Santander Universities maintains more than 1.178 universities and research institutes from  Argentina (78), Brazil (455), Belgium (1), Chile (56), China (12), Colombia (24), Germany (9), Ghana (1), Mexico (186), Poland (52), Portugal (46), Puerto Rico (8), Qatar (1), Russia (8), Singapore (3), Spain (117), USA (35),  United Kingdom (77), UAE (1) and Uruguay (8).

Banco Santander has allocated more than 1.000 million euros to collaboration projects with universities and research centres around the world. In 2013, the bank invested 142 million euros.

More than 2.130 professionals coordinate and manage Santander's commitment to higher education through Santander Universities Division, which is directed by José Antonio Villasante Cerro, assistant executive vice-chairman of Santander.

Academic institutions receiving support from Santander for the development of academics initiatives relating to scholarships; mobility grants; research Programmes; university-Enterprise Relations; new technologies; promotion of the Spanish language, and global projects like UniversiaCISE, the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library, and RedEmprendia.


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